I am totally new to blogging. While I am not new to gardening I am always learning about gardening. What I hope to get out of this blog is the chance to learn what is happening in gardens across our part of the world. I am hoping to hear from you. I am equally happy to help solve any garden problems as to hear of things that are going really well. Please click on the link and join in our conversation.

I will start this blog off with some pictures of a really interesting creature I found in our garden the other day after rain. It is the red triangle slug. The Red-triangle Slug is common in the region of south-eastern Queensland and increasingly on the Darling Downs. This species which lives in coastal forests from around Wollongong New South Wales north to Mossman in northern Queensland has many colour forms. The most common colour form is a creamy white animal with a prominent red triangular mantle shield. However, various colour forms exist including all-red and all-yellow animals, both of which occur at Mount Cordeaux near Brisbane. This lichen-eating slug leaves feeding tracks (lines of small arc-shaped markings) which can often be seen on smooth barked eucalypts. The also feed on microscopic soil algae in your garden and are also said to be good for removing mould from exposed surfaces. I have found them cleaning algae off retaining wall and pavers.

Do you they cause harm in the garden?

No—they are entirely harmless and should be encouraged as an interesting and local native animal that belongs here!

Have you come across something interesting? If so please let me know!

Brian Sams