Southern Downs Regional Councillors have deferred consideration of the request to relocate the Leslie Centenary Memorial Gates to Glengallan Homestead.

The Gates, which are also known as the Glengallan Gates, are currently located at the south-western entrance to Leslie Park in Warwick. Framed by four historic sandstone pillars, the gates were originally donated to the Warwick Shire Council in 1940 by then owner Oswald Slade to mark the centenary of the Leslie Brothers settling in the area.

After undertaking public consultation in regards to the proposed move,

council received 260 submissions in relation to the relocation – 76 of which were in support and 170 in objection.

The relocation request has been made with the direct support of the extended Gillespie family, who inhabited the homestead before it was purchased by Slade. When the homestead itself was sold, the gates were taken apart and the separated pieces were either taken or sold.

With the 150th anniversary of the homestead looming, the Gillespie family and their supporters feel that the gates should be restored and returned to their original location.

Recently, the council have been made aware that the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection have received an application to enter the Leslie Centenary Memorial Gates in to the Queensland Heritage Register.

The entirety of Leslie Park is already included on the Queensland Heritage Register, but the listing is specifically for the Warwick War Memorial and Gates. Until the department has dealt with this existing application, the council have determined that they are unable to make the appropriate decision.

Previous relocation requests have already been considered by the council in 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2008.