Gift of Music is an initiative of Rural Aid, a not-for-profit organisation helping disadvantaged children in rural and remote Australia gain access to the life-changing educational and social opportunities that music brings. Gift of Music is dedicated to helping improve the mental well-being of rural children, their families and communities.

The organisation gives children the chance to learn an instrument, be part of an ensemble, build self-esteem and self-confidence, develop a skill and a love that may last a lifetime. Music, learning music and being part of an ensemble, can play a vital role in a child’s life, especially a child affected by geographical, social and economic disadvantage. To play a musical instrument however, whats needed more than a passion for music, is a musical instrument.

The Gift of Music Guitar Raffle raises money to fund the supply of musical instrument. The prize includes two beautiful hand made guitars generously donated by the Brisbane Guitar Making School. Proceeds from the Gift of Music Guitar Raffle will help support rural Australian kids by providing them with guitars and ukuleles and the opportunity to experience the life-changing impact of learning music.

Andrew Armstrong, from the Brisbane Guitar Making School, with the help of his students and sponsors has generously donated two handcrafted acoustic guitars, through its Fire and Rain project. Each guitar is handcrafted from Queensland timber donated by Australian Guitar Timbers and comes with a Hiscox case donated by Pro Music Australia. One guitar is an OM/000 and the other is a DSD/J45.

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