Gilda Brisotto has been with accounting firm Power Tynan for more than 20 years having worked her way up from reception while studying accounting part time. “I didn’t know what was involved at the beginning, but I have come to realise that accounting is more about people than number crunching.” Today, she is not only one of the senior accountants with the firm but is also a shareholder. Dealing with clients every day, Gilda says women bring a special sensitivity to their roles.

“I think we are particularly good at reading how our clients respond to ideas or solutions we offer,” she says. “It allows us to be empathetic while guiding them to the best outcomes. There are many grey areas in accounting law and things are changing every day. We need not only to explain these changes to our clients but to describe the impact they are having on their decisions. That often requires special sensitivity.” Gilda loves her work with Power Tynan. “It’s satisfying to help clients grow their businesses and achieve their financial goals,” she says.

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