2016 has been dubbed The Year of Courage by The Glennie School, a title school’s student body has endeavoured to live up to.  This year’s Speech Day ceremony acknowledged the accomplishments of girls hailing from junior, middle and senior school, while recognising specific students’ achievements. Laura Baartz has been bestowed the Mitchell Shield – awarded to the best senior all rounder – and Sheree Phillips,  proudly receiving the Glennie Old Girls Association and Anglican Financial Services bursary, as Dux of The Glennie’s School.
The ceremony was honoured by the presence of The Right Reverend Cameron Vanables, Bishop of the Western Region, and his blessing on both junior and senior award ceremonies. As the proud occasion continued on, many other renowned figures took to the mircrphone. Inspirational speeches were given by Chair of Council Mr Bill Armagnacq and School Captain Katie Deane. But perhaps the most moving of all was delivered by Mrs Ashley-Cooper. In her address, Mrs Ashley-Cooper considered the concept of becoming ‘all we can be’. She talked about the importance of education being aspirational, and about encouraging students to strive and struggle to better themselves.
She counselled parents not to protect children from hardship, but see it as a proving ground for resilience and the development of character. She also reviewed some of Glennie’s major achievements over the past fifteen years. In the Year of Courage, Mrs Ashley-Cooper delighted guests with a unique and heart-warming singing performance as a finale. Though the names of the recipients change every year, it is the quality of the education, determination of the students and support from both parents and teachers alike that ensure there is something to celebrate every year. You are not just celebrating the individual’s achievement; you’re celebrating an environment’s accomplishment.

Banner image: Chelsea Armstrong, Tyler Kinkema, Prisha Gupte, Jessica Barnes, Isabella Shelton