Local Toowoomba food importer and manufacturer Kylie Martin Hollands has faced the challenges of food intolerances and allergies in her family for more than 20 years. Tackling the problem head on, Kylie has developed a number of products and solutions to ensure her family members with food sensitivities do not miss out on anything.

Celebrating 10 years importing Gloriously Free Oats in Australia, with her company GF Oats Australia, Kylie and her husband Garry have built a large customer base who are continually requesting recipes using the oats. Kylie shares these via her Kylie’s Kitchen segment on her Facebook page. Kylie says one request comes up year after year, with people desperately searching for the perfect recipe substitution for the Australian icon we know as the ANZAC Biscuit.

The pair reached out to a professional recipe developer, experts in developing and manufacturing products for the gluten free, vegan and organic market, presenting them with the problem. After more than 40 trials, they agreed on a biscuit that represented the delectable ANZAC Biscuit, full of the flavour and with the outstanding taste and texture of the traditional biscuit we all know and love.

Early feedback from pre-sales resulted in the biscuit being extremely well received, with current distributors for GF Oats Australia pre-ordering more than 80,000 biscuits from the first run.

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