Goondiwindi Cotton is an Australian family owned company, built on old fashioned and honest principles.

After more than 30 years in cotton farming, owner Sam Coulton and his team were inspired to produce comfortable and quality garments. Born of that desire in 1992, Goondiwindi Cotton is a product for the people. Working with only the highest quality cotton yarn, Sam is gratified by the reputation Goondiwindi Cotton has cultivated. “When you take a seed, and turn it into a product that you can wear, it’s hard not to be enormously proud,” he said. “It’s a very hard process, but very worthwhile as it comes from our town and the land.”

Goondiwindi Cotton has been designed to accommodate all lifestyles and anticipate all country needs. “We designed a product for the people of the country. It’s versatile, it’s nice to wear, feels good, and it’s not over-the-top,” said Sam. “We call it a lifestyle product.” Offering a summer and winter range for men and women, Goondiwindi Cotton sells a variety of garments including polo shirts, t-shirts, knitwear and blouses.

Running errands or preparing for a nice meal out? Goondiwindi Cotton has something to wear for both.

As well as the Goondiwindi Cotton brand, Sam and his team run Cotton and Town tours. Visitors are taken to see a cotton farm, cotton gin and various local attractions. Not only do these tours help the Goondiwindi Cotton brand, they also give back to the Goondiwindi local community. “We have 4000 visitors each year on our tours, and 65 per cent stay another night in Goondiwindi,” said Sam. “Five hundred to 600 of those visitors are international tourists. A lot of people who come on our tours are city people, so it’s great for them to see how it all started.”

Goondiwindi Cotton has experienced significant growth over the past 12 months. Producing around 50,000 garments each year, the brand has successfully been selling to both country and urban stores. It can now be found in 220 stores throughout the country.

As a cotton farmer, Sam works closely with his design team and is involved in every aspect of the company. For Sam, cotton growing has not always been easy, but the past 27 years have been ones of hard work, determination, and joy at how Goondiwindi Cotton has thrived. “When you look at the farming side of things, in reality it takes a long time to become successful,” he said. “The cotton business is very good, clean and green.”

Thanks to incredible support from the local community, Sam now has his sights on expanding overseas and introducing Goondiwindi Cotton into city markets. Ultimately, he believes that Goondiwindi Cotton’s most important feature is its roots: it is a local business deeply connected to its hometown, a product that people can experience from seed to shirt. “It’s great for visitors to see how it was all started,” Sam says. “They can see the soil, feel it, smell it. It makes a lot of difference to understand it. The country lifestyle makes you feel safe.”