From rural beginnings as Goomburra farm, a site for timber milling, farming and cattle, to hosting ecotourism camping experiences, Sue and Ian Gordon’s business Gordon Country has flourished in various forms for more than 50 years.

But when Sue and Ian’s daughter Sarah found herself wanting to return home from the city, years after the venue first began hosting guests, the Gordon family saw an opportunity within their property to host farm-style weddings. Sarah, in need of a new vocation, took the opportunity by the reins, but says her parents remain “very involved” with the venue, and continue to oversee its operations. Along with her husband Sam, Sarah has handled the day-to-day management of the venue and events for the 18 months the business has been operating. “I think our venue is very unique. It is a modern take on a barn-style reception, which I think is very attractive to couples.”

Without losing its modern touch, Gordon Country Weddings maintains ties with its rich history. The venue’s custom-built reception space, Rivergums Barn, is adorned with chandeliers made with Sarah’s grandfather’s wagon wheels once used on the property. The wheels can also be found in the venue’s gardens, adding a further touch to the heritage aesthetic. “I think it adds a degree of charm and history to what is otherwise a modern reception venue,” Sarah says. Following the construction of the Rivergums Barn, Sarah and Sam celebrated their own wedding at the venue. “It was really special to both of us to be able to share what we’ve done and built with all our closest family and friends. It was a great way to share what we’d achieved and worked so hard for,” she said. “I think having gone through the process myself, and obviously at this venue, [I] definitely have more insight into all the intricate details that can go into planning a wedding or any event, and all the little things you have to think about.”

In November 2017, Gordon Country Weddings was named the Best Farm and Country Venue by the Gold Coast and Hinterland Brides’ Choice Awards. “It blew us away, actually! We were thrilled to be nominated because we hadn’t been made aware of the award. So, to be nominated by brides, and then to win the category was incredibly special.” One of the Gordon Country’s most unique features is the option for couples to spend their entire wedding weekend at the venue. This is something that Sarah feels sets her family’s venue apart from others. “We have families that even stay with us for up to a week. It’s a real getaway, relaxed experience, without necessarily compromising on all the things we like and want in a wedding.” A stunning venue tucked in the rolling hills of the Southern Downs in Goomburra Valley it is not hard to see why the venue is being met with praise and accolades. Gordon Country Weddings affords the personal touches of a family-run business.

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