Gourmet Hot Dogs: How to dress your dog with style is the pièce de résistance of dude food, casual snacks and the family dinner table.

www.highlifemagazine.netFeaturing 60 easy, tasty hot dog recipes, prepared with passion in charming French style, Gourmet Hot Dogs elevates sausages in buns from hastily devoured snacks to truly memorable food experiences through imaginative topping combinations. Stéphane’s recipes are divided into sausage type; from Frankfurters and chipolatas to Toulouse sausages, chicken sausages and veal sausages. And each dog is topped with simply prepared ingredients like cheese, pickled vegetables, delicious sauces, light salad garnishes and the all-important condiments, maximising flavour and impact. Stéphane’s followers, and fans of quick and easy food that’s mouth-watering and fun to serve, will love this book for its fabulous recipes and sporting appeal!