University of Southern Queensland (USQ) student Jessica Taylor has England in her sights as she prepares to graduate with a Master of Arts this weekend.

Miss Taylor first graduated from USQ in 2009 with a Bachelor of International Studies which helped see her teaching English in Japan for 12 months. She returned to complete her Masters and hopes to take on the United Kingdom next. “I did my Masters with a focus on PR and Communications so I’d love to find work in that field in England,” she said. “Japan was such a beautiful place and I taught in elementary schools in Takatsuki, which is Toowoomba’s sister city”.

 Miss Taylor is one of more than 450 students who will graduate at graduation ceremonies on Saturday (September 6) at the Empire Theatre on Neil Street.

“I wasn’t fully confident going into my International Relations degree and had no idea where I would go with it,” she said. “I ended up absolutely loving it— there is always something big happening around the world and my study allowed me to get a deeper understanding of international events.”

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