Passion for beautiful art is the central focus for the Toowoomba Grammar Art Show, which is being held this weekend.

Feature Artist for 2017, Vivienne Heckels, has enjoyed painting since she was a very young child, creating pictures in the sand at the beach and swiftly realising she had a natural talent for producing extremely detailed, almost photographic drawings. “I painted so many people’s portraits, then one day in my studio, I painted these whimsical floating ladies, and I just started laughing with the immense happiness that they gave me,” says Mrs Heckels.

This was the beginning of Victoria Heckels’ signature style that has proven so popular, making many other people feel very happy as well.

With more than 200 talented artists invited to exhibit this year, there will be a fabulous and diverse collection of art to savour, aiming to provide something for everyone’s taste. The diversity of the range of art continues to increase, with 30 new artists invited to exhibit each year.

Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the collection of 600 paintings, ceramics, vases, jewellery and photography ranging from $40 to $12,000, with a preview of art available on Facebook and Instagram @grammarARTshow.

Tickets for Opening Night and High Tea are available online or by phoning (07) 4687 2500. Book tickets early, as they are limited and always sell out. The Art Show and coffee shop are open 10am to 4pm, with door entry of only $5 on March 25 and 26.