The Great Australian Baking Book revisits the recipes that shaped your childhood memories while introducing readers to new, exotic flavours.

Joining a few favourites from The Great Australian Cookbook, over ninety brand-new recipes are featured in the book, gathered from cooks, chefs, patisseries, and bakers from around Australia.

Branching off from the traditional, The Great Australian Baking Book also offers delicious recipes packed with international flavour.

The baker’s pantry is now stocked with more than sugar and flour, incorporating all manner of exotic ingredients from all over the world. Try the quandongs, quiches, kindlech, and baklava to expand your baking repertoire.

There will also be a gluten-free segment for the gluten intolerant and plenty sugar-free sweet treats for the health concious.

Reg Mombassa lends his brush to the book’s iconic cover, creating a a beautiful artwork imitating one of the iced sugar cookies the book will help you make.

The book is a quintessential collection of Australian baking from the finest cooks and chefs, celebrating our beautiful Australian ingredients and cosmopolitan heritage.

The Great Australian Baking Book Echo Publishing is available from for $49.99.

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