The Eco-Schools committee at Bell State School attained the prestigious Green Flag award- a global award for environmentally sustainable schools in late 2018.  The Eco-Schools environmental program has been running at Bell State School for 14 years.

Each year, Year 7 and 8 students nominate themselves for the Student Eco-Schools committee. Participant students are the driving force behind projects carried out throughout the year, though every student is involved in making Bell State School eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable.

Bell State School also won an award from Eco-Schools previously. They are one of two Australian schools to have ever been awarded the Green Flag Award. In 2016, Bell State School students were awarded for their efforts with the International Eco-Schools Silver Award and the Five Star Cleaner Greener Schools Award.

In 2017, they won the National School Tree Day Competition with the prize of a Cannon photographic printer and camera valued at $1500. The Bell State School’s environmental achievements throughout the years include their local Landcare Adopt-a-Patch project for noxious weed control within the Bell community, and growing and supplying fresh vegetables for their tuckshop, community members, and Home Economics programs.

Additionally, they have maintained a worm farm to make their own fertiliser, and reuse scrap paper as notepads, or turn it into paper bricks to use as fire starters.

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