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The small Darling Downs business has begun to receive global recognition for their innovative eco-friendly bags. Now with more than 2,000 customers and growing within Australia, the Green Leaf Bag is being distributed in the USA, the United Kingdom and Czech Republic. Currently, they are in the process of trialling a commercial alternative in a number of restaurants and fruit and vegetable stores.

The company founded by Max and Helen Reynolds and Wendy Allen, was created in 2015 when they decided they were going to turn over a new leaf and start getting invested in a cleaner and healthier lifestyle. This naturally lead them to local farmers markets in the search for the freshest and most organic products. However, as they later realised, all of their products ended up being kept in plastic bags and stored in the fridge to try and prolong their lifespan, resulting in large amounts of wastage.

“I found myself throwing produce out because it was yellowed, bitter and wilted, it was no longer vibrant, crisp, green and crunchy like it was when we had bought it,” said Helen. “I hated doing this, it was against all the reasons I went to the farmer’s market in the first place.”

That is when the trio decided to begin experimenting to create a bag that could be used to keep produce fresh in the fridge. The end result was an eco-friendly bag made out of 100% hemp. It has been named for its ability to keep vegetables sweet and crisp. “I lovingly called it ‘The Green Leaf Bag’ because the delicate baby greens that I bought at the markets were the first thing to yellow and wilt so they got priority treatment,” said Helen.

The bags contain no harmful chemicals or plastics and are a safe and natural way to store fresh produce, paving the way for plastic-free food storage. The bags fit perfectly in the new niche market for clean and sustainable lifestyles and has had great success resonating with buyers.

Written by Emerald Garcia-Finnis
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