At noon last Saturday, more than 150 people assembled for the official release of a new flower hybrid at Myall Park.

Grevillea ‘Dorothy Gordon’ | Photo by Dr Nita C Lester

The hybrid named Grevillea ‘Dorothy Gordon’, is a ‘chance hybrid’ which means it appeared naturally at Myall Park Botanic Garden. It was first noticed in 2006 and has been kept quiet until now.

The plant celebrates the art and contribution to the horticultural world given by Mrs Dorothy Gordon who died in 1985. The three existing hybrids Grevillea ‘Robyn Gordon’, Grevillea ‘Sandra Gordon’ and Grevillea ‘Merinda Gordon’ were named after Dorothy’s daughters with her husband Dave.

Mr Edward Bunker, Dr Nita C Lester, Mrs Sandra Neill, Mrs Jean Harslett, Mrs Betty Salter, Mayor Ray Brown. Photo by Megan McNicholl

Guest speakers were Mayor Ray Brown of the Western Downs Regional Council, Mrs Sandra Neill [Dorothy’s daughter] and Mr Edward Bunker [Owner of Aussie Winners nursery who are propagating this new hybrid, Redland Bay]. MC was Dr Nita C Lester who is Chairman of the Board of honorary Director of Myall Park Botanic Garden Ltd.

Mrs Kay Burnaby said ‘Nita was an outstanding MC and linked all the speakers hence presenting a concise celebration for us all to enjoy’.

Mayor Ray Brown indicated that the Grevillea ‘Dorothy Gordon’ would make an outstanding contribution to landscaping designs, and the Council is looking forward to planting this hybrid throughout the region.

Ray said, ‘He was very proud that the Council is involved with this significant garden that is recognised both nationally and internationally’.

Visit Myall Park Botanic Garden in daylight hours from 20th January to 20 December. There is accommodation on site, an art Gallery and many walking trails.

Words by Rosemary Gemmell