Year 9 students Anabel Austin and Elijah Logan are leading Mary MacKillop Catholic College as it grows towards P-12 college.

Long time members of the College, these two Mary MacKillop College Leaders have experience and friendships on their side. A student at the College since Year 2, Annabel actively competes in Eisteddfods and plays in the Girls Rugby 7s team. She said being a part of the school community for such a long time has given her the opportunity to get to know her peers and teachers better, which has contributed to her overall success in academic, cultural and sporting pursuits.

For Elijah, the support of the teachers who have helped him to strive for excellence, along with the opportunity to take electives such as STEM and F1 are what he enjoys most about being part of the College. Elijah joined the College community in Year 4, and hopes to study Electrical Engineering at university. He says the opportunity to participate in advanced science tutoring as an extracurricular activity on top of his athletic endeavours, has set him on a path to success. “It’s great being a leader because I am part of a tightknit community with lots of opportunities and students from different backgrounds, where everyone feels welcome.”

As part of a growing College, both Annabel and Elijah would like to help promote the Mary MacKillop College spirit, by supporting extracurricular activities and continuing their involvement in the community.

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