To celebrate the start of the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers and promote its newest exhibition Alice’s WonderlandCobb & Co Museum has put a unique twist on the flowery festivities of this year’s show, encouraging more than 60 local artisans and gardeners to create a spectacular display of hanging baskets in the Museum Show ring, with the best basket winning.

Responding to an Alice in Wonderland design brief, competitors have created a variety of displays that will be visible to visitors of the museum across the 10 days of carnival. Some fan favourites have already emerged and include elaborately crafted creative designs and brightly coloured floral and edible arrangements. School children, TAFE students and community groups have also had a hand in creating the displays, all vying to be named best in a range of categories including General, Creative Design, and School/Educational Group, with special category People’s Choice to be determined by the public.

Winners of the Alice in Wonderland themed hanging basket competition will be announced over scones, tea and coffee on Thursday 20 September. With Cherise Cats, aplenty, and some hidden smoking blue caterpillars to be found, follow Alice as she falls down a rabbit hole into a strange world… “Down, down, down, would the fall never come to an end?”

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