Grill guru and professional hardcore carnivore Jess Pryles‘ Hardcore Carnivore is a protein-packed cookbook that will help you cook the perfect piece of meat.

Whether you want a juicy fillet at home or hope to up your barbecuing game, Hardcore Carnivore will help guide you with introductions to different cuts of meat, new styles of barbecue and key meat preparation techniques that are both informative and imaginative. Think peanut butter jelly wings, coffee rubbed kangaroo fillet, and home-made bacon.

Born and raised in Melbourne Australia, Pryles found her spiritual home in Austin, Texas, where she now resides.

After once feeling intimidated by the idea of cooking meat, Jess embarked on a journey to educate herself which led to what she coins a “full-blown obsession”.

She has co-founded the Australasian Barbecue Alliance, hosted American and Australian culinary TV shows, judged the biggest BBQ competition in the world and lectured on the subject of meat.

Pryles is returning to Australia for her book launch at the 2017 Australian Barbeque Championships.

These tips and tricks will help you cook that perfect steak, or those wonderful ribs, making you a champion of your own kitchen or barbecue.

Hardcore Carnivore is available from Murdoch Books for $39.99.

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