The Fels family are calling on the Toowoomba community for the Hear and Say Toowoomba Race Day, held on November 16 in support of the young Liam Fels and other hearing impaired children in Queensland.

The Fels family have been a part of the community for over 15 years. Upon Liam’s newborn hearing screening, they found that he lacks an auditory nerve in his left year. The Fels family utilised the Hear and Say Toowoomba team to ensure Liam received the specialised support and therapy required. Today, 5-year old Liam is energetic and thrives at prep in a mainstream school. Given Liam’s condition, he sports a Roger Focus. The device is an assistive listening device that allows teacher’s voices to be streamed directly into his hearing gear.

Each year, Hear and Say invest approximately $10,000 per child to provide specialised Spoken Language and Listening Lesson and Therapy. Their services open the world for many young children just like Liam.

Events like Hear and Say Toowoomba Race Day continue to change lives and make hearing loss a thing of the past!

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