More than $51,500 in funds raised from locally purchased Woolworths tokens have been used to purchase a digital interactive play system called Play9 for the Toowoomba Hospital Paediatric Unit and children’s Emergency Department waiting room.

Play9 systems are used around the world to provide entertainment for children in locations such as Heathrow Airport in London and shopping centres around Australia. The Play9 systems include bright colours and state of the art touch screen surface which provides a welcome distraction from the treatment that children are receiving in hospital. Toowoomba Hospital Foundation CEO Alison Kennedy said, “it is wonderful that with the support of Woolworths we are able to bring state of the art entertainment to some of the youngest patients at the Toowoomba Hospital.”

An additional three mini lab units have also been purchased which will allow children with infectious conditions to enjoy the Play9 systems and benefit from the interaction and diversion which the equipment provides in the confines of their room.

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