Each with their own talents, a group of four Mary Mackillop Catholic College year 8 students came together a few months ago to form the group “Acting Mary Mackillop Advocacy” also know as AMMA.

With the reality of the drought affecting many, Charlotte Voll, Elise Scrivens, Ava Knihinicki and Mia Lewis have taken one of the most famous quotes of our patron saint, “Never see a need without doing something about it”, and turned it into an action group to help those in need. Outside AMMA, the students are shining in other ways too. Recently, Charlotte won Best Singer at the Redlands Country Music Festival, Ava competed in the Junior Development Series (JDS) Tennis State Championships, Elise is the fastest swimmer in the College and regularly breaks records as well as being a Cultural Award Winner, and Mia was chosen to help curate the 2019 College Art Showcase. AMMA was formed with the vision of helping those in need, and in particular, those struggling with the drought.

A family background in farming has made this very close to Charlotte’s heart, with a recent trip to Birdsville really putting things into perspective. “Animals are dying of starvation and lack of water. If there’s no farms there’s no food!” said Charlotte. The College has previously held fundraisers for drought affected communities, but these students wanted to take it one step further and form an action group that can continue to support those in need, as the drought is ongoing and affects many.

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