High Country Hero is the newest fiction by New Zealand novelist Holly Ford, a story of love and redemption set against harsh and mountainous terrain.

Ford is renowned for her best selling novels about independent, unflinching women and the men who may or may not deserve a place in their lives. High Country Hero opens with high flying veterinarian Magdalena Lennie O’Donnell, who is left stranded after her car breaks down on a remote road outside her old home town.

Lennie, accompanied by her beloved dog Pesh, is taking a break from big city life to help her grandfather sell his old fashioned rural clinic. Lennie has dedicated her career to healing those unable to tell her what is wrong.

However, Lennie’s outlook is thrown into disarray when she is saved by Mitch Stuart, an ex-Afghan War pilot. Having only recently brokered a fragile peace with his inner demons, Mitch is not in the market for redemption. Lennie struggles to solve the puzzle of Mitch, nor completely let him go.

Mitch, on the other hand, inadvertently opens the door to the ghosts of a woman and a white dog he thought he’d left behind long ago. Their budding relationship is also threatened by Lennie’s high school crush Benji Cooper, who is all grown up and yearning for Lennie the way she always dreamed he would.

There is also the matter of Lennie’s grandparents unexpectedly fractured marriage, and her growing suspicion that there might be more to the sale of her grandfather’s clinic than meets the eye. Can Mitch and Lennie find the courage to let one another into their lives?

Ford celebrates love and redemeption in some of the world’s most rugged country; the vast, spectacular mountain farms that form the backbone of New Zealand.

Having grown up in the Hokonui Hills in the South Island of New Zealand, where she now lives with her family and an abundance of native wildlife, Ford can testify to the visceral impact of her home country.

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