If the thought of families walking on the beach with rods in hand, or trawlers sailing out to sea for a catch of fresh fish and prawns appeals to you, then the coastal town of Iluka could be the perfect holiday destination.

Iluka is a peaceful coastal village situated on the northern side of the Clarence River in NSW, approximately 300kms south of Brisbane.  If you are more of a nature freak like me, then a short walk to the Iluka Bluff will provide you with the most rewarding views you can possibly imagine.

The sunrises are just out of this world, but a word of warning, take plenty of insect repellent as the mosquitoes are relentless.

Iluka provides the luxuries of a much bigger town, including a supermarket and a number of cafes and specialty shops.  There are a host of motels to choose from – suiting a range of budgets – as well as nearby camping grounds.

I took the easier way this time and stayed at the Iluka Motel, which was one of the best, cleanest and friendliest motels I have stayed at.  The host, Les Salter, made my stay that bit more comfortable with his in-depth knowledge of the area and nothing was too much trouble for him.

After getting the lowdown I ventured out to soak up the Iluka experience for myself.  My first port of call was the harbour to see if the fishing trawlers were heading out to sea.

Unfortunately,  the weather conditions were not favourable and they did not go out, which deflated my dreams of a fresh catch of prawns the next morning – but there is always next time.

From there I decided to walk to the jetty where I caught up with a young visitor who was trying his luck at fishing.  While talking to him I could see the bream and mullet just underneath us, but unfortunately that was short lived as a dolphin surfaced next to us- spelling an abrupt end to the fishing.

After three days, it was time for me to leave this peaceful village, but not without some beautiful images and wonderful memories.  I will be back.