It is impossible not to smile when Scott Tiran is around.

The 22 year old man simply exudes joie de vivre; a love of life so genuine and uplifting that it sweeps everyone else along with it. Now, due to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Scott has one more reason to be happy as he was one of the guests at NDIS Toowoomba’s first birthday – more commonly known as Hooray Day.

Scott was one of the first participants to receive an NDIS package when the scheme rolled out in the Toowoomba region a year ago. The funding he receives is all aimed at helping him to live independently, in a house with his mates, which now might happen sooner rather than later.

“It’s a dream that is now visible on the horizon,” said Scott’s mum, Michelle Weston.

“It makes me feel so happy to believe that this could happen for him. The NDIS has already been life-changing, not just for Scott but for the whole family. It has been just perfect for us, and I’m blown away by what has been achieved.”

As a Centenary Heights State High School graduate, Scott has since worked as a volunteer for St Vincent’s Hospital, and is now employed as a work skills trainee on CPL’s Mylestones Solutions Garden Crew.

He is undertaking a Certificate 1 in Conservation and Land Management, was runner up for the Trainee of the Year award in 2017, and does all the gardening around his parent’s home while bringing a smile to everyone around him.

“Scott is an absolute joy,” Michelle says. “He is never in a bad mood. With the help of his NDIS funding, he has been able to start using transport systems on his own, iron his own shirt and make his own lunch every day, and he recently paid for a tennis lesson from his own pocket.

“He is so proud to be a contributing member of society, and we are just so delighted for him.”

But what Scott gets most enjoyment from is time spent with his support worker Anthony at the PCYC sports program each Saturday.

“I like playing basketball, soccer, and tennis – I like all of them the best,” Scott says.

“Anthony comes with me now, and he is a great cheerleader. He is my friend. We love singing together too. Sometimes we sing the songs on the radio. Sometimes we make up songs about each other.”

Scott was one of the NDIS participants attending the first birthday celebrations at the Toowoomba NDIS LAC PITC Carers Queensland office on Tuesday 20 February, enjoying a barbecue lunch, activities, information, and interactive art.

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