Andrew Mullan, Laura Harris & Jack Roulston

Guests gathered to celebrate the opening of the new Horse In War exhibition at Toowoomba’s Cobb+Co Museum. We often think of the mateship between soldiers of the First World War, however this exhibition throws a poignant light on to the bond between a soldiers and his horse.

“The achievements of the Light Horse units in the Middle East are legendary, but horses were also used for pulling ambulances, artillery pieces, supply wagons, even the water cart, and the bond between horse and soldier was extremely strong”, says museum director, Deborah Bailey. Guests at the opening shared stories and company as they reflected on the histories of the skilled horsemen who served in the war, glimpsing intimate insights through photographs, diaries and original artefacts from the war.

Horse in War is on display at Cobb+Co Museum until 5 October 2015.

Words by Marian Faa | Images by Cobb+Co Museum