The Toowoomba community has gathered to give their support to new mothers and babies of the Toowoomba Hospital, raising more than $121,000 to bring two new OmniBeds to the Special Care Nursery. The beds will assist high-risk, ill and premature babies to have the best possible chance of going home healthy and happy.

The specialised incubators, worth $60,000 each, assist nurses by helping to provide continuous warmth, a controlled environment and additional support required by critical care babies to grow and develop. Toowoomba Hospital Foundation CEO Alison Kennedy said the Foundation set an ambitious goal of raising $120,000 for their 2018 Clifford Gardens Toowoomba Hospital Children’s Appeal to bring these vital pieces of equipment to the Special Care Nursery. The residents of Toowoomba were not only able to meet, but exceed, this goal for the town’s little ones. “As a mum I know how stressful those first few days and weeks can be. So, to be able to give new parents a little extra peace of mind with these new OmniBeds is wonderful,” she said.

“We love being able to help the hospital’s littlest and most precious of patients and we couldn’t be more thankful for our local community in going above and beyond in fundraising during our Clifford Gardens Toowoomba Hospital Children’s Appeal. We’re absolutely thrilled that we can now hit ‘go’ on purchasing these specialised incubators which will provide a much-needed upgrade to the equipment in the Special Care Nursery.”

Executive Director Toowoomba Hospital Shirley-Anne Gardiner has thanked the Toowoomba community for supporting the patients and staff of the Special Care Nursery. “I am so happy that the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation supports the Hospital to provide much needed equipment. I would like to thank the community for their efforts fundraising.”

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