Hot Inspirations is returning to Toowoomba with Queens of the Desert at Hot Inspirations Farmers’ Cabaret, bringing a fun night of entertainment to raise funds for the Buy a Bale of Hay charity helping Australian farmers.

Three feisty women make up the cabaret, with Joy Darmody, Rana Jewell and Kristy Ulla aiming to do good for the society, and having fun while earning a living. “We present a variety cabaret show and donate a percentage of all ticket sales to a charity or local community project or person – it’s a mix of solos, duos and trios performing song, dance, comedy and instrumental to a range of music from the 40s to the 70s,” said Rana.

The compliments and support from audiences is what keeps Hot Inspirations going, acting as the motivation for them to keep on creating many more fun cabaret shows and helping the people who are in need. “We do both private and charity gigs. In the past 2 years, we’ve raised and donated $ 4,036.85 to various charities and local families in need. It is our dream to travel and take our show out to rural Queensland and direct to the farming community. One of our fans has already designed our banner – Lifting the Spirits of the West,” said Rana.

Founded in 2012, Hot Inspirations consists of a trio of extraordinary women who refuse to act their age. With vibrant and colourful costume changes, Hot Inspirations’ production pays homage to the artists whose music they perform but is more importantly a tribute to older women who are still active and out there having fun.

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