Australian artist Meredith Howse will showcase more than 80 of her paintings in a solo exhibition at Gatton’s Lockyer Valley Gallery until Saturday 10 March.

Meredith is a proud member of several art institutions including the Brisbane Institute of Art and The Royal Queensland Art Society. She was also made a finalist at the Rotary Art Spectacular and was a feature artist on Blue Thumb. She draws inspiration from her mother who originally gave her the initiative to begin oil painting.

“Luckily my mother had dabbled in art. She had a set of oil paints and a library book taught me the finer points,” explained Meredith. 

Though her desire to create art continued, Meredith instead studied to be a nurse so that she could earn money for travel.

Her dedication to the fast paced work environment at the operating theaters provided her with the money needed to explore and draw inspiration from Asia, American, and Canada.

“I have created a landscape of works over a two-year period after many adventures and trips.”

At 28, Meredith’s artistic passion had led her to study further at the Brisbane Institute of Art. 

“I have always had an interest in art. I nearly cried when I walked into the Van Gogh exhibition last year, it was so over whelming to see the real paintings when you had grown up with Van Gogh prints all over the walls.”

At her 2018 solo exhibition at the Lockyer Valley Gallery, Meredith is hoping that her landscapes will come to life.

“I want the viewer to feel what I am feeling, be it warmth, danger, drama, cool, crisp atmosphere, happiness, fearfulness. Never sad, but sometimes lonely.”

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