More than a family business, Darling Downs Ice Cream Company is a legacy, passed down through four generations. Keith and Berenice Reisinger embarked on a journey to create locally sourced and produced ice cream for the Darling Downs in 1959. Today, their children and grandchildren are the driving force behind the company’s delicious treats continuing the family story.

Managing Director and daughter of Keith and Berenice, Mrs Beth French said the company was built on the desire of the grandchildren to continue their grandfather’s passion for creating innovative ice cream with excellence. “Ice cream has always been a part of my life. My father Keith decided he was going to manufacture ice cream right from our backyard after years of studying the best way to make it. I can honestly say it has been a lifelong passion for our family and we have shared in many triumphs and trials along the way together.”

Since they were young, Beth and her siblings knew they would one day be part of the family business. “I am incredibly fortunate, not only do we carry on the legacy and business of our family, we have a truly dedicated team who continually give their best to fulfil the vision of manufacturing quality ice cream without compromise.”

The Reisinger family’s hard work has been rewarded by international success, with their ice cream being exported to Singapore, New Zealand, as well as being sold domestically. However, for Beth and the Reisinger family, it has always been a priority to ensure the longevity of ice cream manufacturing in Australia by keeping their ice cream treats right on the Darling Downs. “There is nothing more satisfying than enjoying a decadent dessert you know has been produced not only in Australia but supports local dairy farmers and their families.”

Beth said the refined quality of their dairy ice cream and luxurious blends of chocolate are largely a result of sourcing and producing their products locally. “We use local dairy farmers for all of our milk. We are fortunate to be situated on the Darling Downs where my father always said is the best dairy country, so we are able to utilise those dairy farmers nearby and enjoy the fresh milk deliveries every second day!”

Looking to the future, the Reisinger family plans to continue releasing new and innovative items for the range. Since the successful release of their Wonder Pops Coco Licks, a dairy free alternative for those with allergies, the family has been recognised as a pioneering force in their industry.

No matter what the future holds for the Reisingers, they can guarantee that their ice cream will continue to value family at its core for many generations to come. “We are so grateful to share our passion of ice cream to our grandchildren and have mum (Berenice Reisinger) enjoy watching her great grandchildren appreciate the taste of real ice cream made with fresh milk.”

Beth said Berenice watches from her office daily as a fourth generation of Reisingers run up and down the hallways.

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