I am in Japan. I have been lucky enough to be leading a garden tour to visit some of the very best gardens in some very interesting places. Tokyo, Mt Fuji, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Osaka and Nara.

We have a group of only 11 – my smallest garden tour ever and everyone seems to be loving the food, culture and of course gardens.


I have included a few images of the gardens visited. From a gardening point of view a few things stand out.

  • The use of space in gardens to allow the eye and mind to sort out a picture is very important – I know I tend to plant too much and a garden quickly becomes too busy
  • The use of natural materials like rocks, timber and bamboo
  • Simple plant selection of plants that do well – nothing too fancy in these gardens
  • Careful and regular maintenance to keep things in order and plants in scale

I would be interested to hear from you as to which gardens you have visited that have made an impact on you……

Brian Sams