There has been a most enthusiastic response to In Translation, which is currently on display at RAYGUN PROJECTS in Toowoomba.

Curated by visiting internationally respected art identity Louise Lassen Iversen, the exhibition revolves around a group showing of Danish artists.

Louise, who previously visited Toowoomba early in 2016, spent four days putting In Translation into place.

In Translation is an exhibition that uses the act of translation as a cultural meeting ground,” says Louise.

After leaving Toowoomba, she will spend a week in Melbourne before returning to Denmark.

For Louise, the exhibition is a movement from one linguistic, cultural and historical context to another.

“Because every language is contaminated by linguistic differences it is a paradoxical task,” she says.

“The act of translation is an unpredictable space in which the cultural background of the duplicate is inevitably mixed with that of the original text both erasing and restoring it.”

“It is in this space in-between that we operate.”

Louise says that the exhibition is an attempt at creating a “meeting ground between the country we have travelled from, Denmark which is an old European nation and colonial power, and Australia, the country we visit which is a young nation and a former colony.”

The showing at RAYGUN will continue to be open until the end of the month.

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