The recent TSBE led industry tour to the USA and Canada took industry and local government leaders from the Surat Basin on a fact finding expedition to see first-hand what a mature gas industry looks like and in particular, its impact on regional communities.

The tour was organised by TSBE ran for 14 very full days with 15 participants. Representatives from the Maranoa Regional Council, Santos, QGC, Origin, Qld Murray Darling Committee, AgForce, Oswald Brothers, University of Qld and others took the opportunity to participate and take in the experiences of these countries that now have an established gas industry.

TSBE CEO Mr Shane Charles was pleased with the tour and the value it delivered to participants. “It was great to have a diverse group of community leaders come together to learn from Canada and the USA who have gone before us in the growth and establishment of a mature gas industry,” Mr Charles said.


via TSBE