Texas P-10 State School Health and Physical Education (HPE) teacher Jaime Scott has received the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation (ACHPER) Queensland’s 2017 Inspirational HPE Teacher Award. This award is designed to recognise hard working HPE teachers who demonstrate outstanding leadership and innovation in their teaching or coaching, dedicating their valuable time and energy to support and inspire school students to achieve their personal best in HPE and sport.

Jaime implemented a morning program Smash Up at Texas P-10 a few years ago, focusing on its fitness and skills development. “Our daily smash up program runs daily from prep to Year 10 and contains a variety of sports, skill sessions and training opportunities based on upcoming sporting carnivals, trials and competitions,” said Jaime. This program encourages all students and staff to participate in the 15 minutes of physical activity at the beginning of each day, with the coordination of Friday afternoon sport, reinforcing students’abilities and interest in specific sports. Besides, Smash Up includes “crunch and sip” encouraging students to bring fruits, vegetables and water to school every day.

Jaime carried out the Nude Food program which motivates students to limit pre-packaged foods in their lunchboxes. The eating habits have changed with the positive attitude of health and well being among the school community. Jaimie’s infectious enthusiasm for active and healthy lifestyles has instilled students and the others to build a more robust mindset in health. When Jaime started at Texas P-10, she reinvigorated the school’s Little Athletics program, designing “coach the coaches” sessions to boost confidence in support staff and colleagues. This program now involves around 100 out of 190 students at Texas P-10. She is also helping other school communities to set up their programs, encouraging every student not only from Texas P-10 to enjoy sports and be healthy.

Texas P-10 State School has created a favourable environment for students and staff to pursue a healthy lifestyle. The school has been named the Sports Darling Downs (DD) Primary School of the Year which recognises the school’s achievement in sporting results.

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