St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School students Bella Gray and Gabriella Sedgwick are highly anticipating their new roles in 2019 as boarder captains of the school situated in Brisbane’s inner north.

Year 11 student Bella Gray from Texas has boarded at St Margaret’s since Year 7 and is enthusiastically involved in all aspects of school life. She enjoys her involvement as part of the school rowing team and studying STEM. She also appreciates living amongst the diverse boarding house community with girls from different backgrounds and cultures. Bella aspires to study occupational therapy when she finishes at St Margaret’s and hopes to one day work in or near her hometown.

Gabriella Sedgwick from Scone, New South Wales has been a boarder at St Margaret’s since Year 8 and says she loves the sense of community within the boarding house. A keen sportswoman, Gabriella enjoys rowing, touch football and water polo. She also studied in Hong Kong for three months as part of the school’s Global Exchange Program.

St Margaret’s offers many opportunities to expand students’ global horizons and Gabriella identifies the boarding house’s ‘See my difference, See my worth’ festival as just one of these. “The festival showcases the inner workings of the cultures that are a part of our boarding house, allowing all students to recognise the differences between them,” she said.

Bella and Gabriella plan to continue to nurture the strong sense of belonging and appreciation amongst the boarding house community when they take on the role of boarder captains next year.