St Mary’s College School Captain Nicholas Kuhnemann is wise beyond his years. At the recent St Mary’s College Formal, Nick as he likes to be known, addressed his peers with heartfelt words about mateship and the importance of finishing the year positively. “Maybe it just comes from being school captain,” he said. “I have learnt to think of others more.”

In 2017, Nick lost a family member to cancer. This has shaped him into the young man he is today. Caring for his mum and siblings has become his priority. Within the College community, he shares openly his generosity of heart with everyone he encounters. In the holidays, Nick took a part-time position as a holiday groundsman, ensuring that his school looked impeccable.

Nick’s insight was again evident when reflecting upon his recent holiday immersion experience in a village in Kavieng, Papua New Guinea. “They were just so happy. Yet, they really didn’t have any material possessions. You know, it taught me that happiness is in people and others. I will never forget driving past the local people each day and everyone stopping to wave to you.”

As School Captain, Nick wants to be genuine, approachable and a good role model. “I hope I can make the boys feel involved and proud of themselves and their school. We have a great Senior group, who I know will always be there for the younger boys, giving advice and genuine support.”

Nick enjoys his involvement in various College activities including Social Justice, Science and Engineering Challenge, speaking out for causes like saying no to violence against women and Sport. As he anticipates the final time he will walk out of the gates of St Mary’s College, Nick is reflective, however excited about the future. “I plan to have a nice family and to study politics and law. You never know, I may go into politics one day!”