GTH Group hosted a showcase of its cloud based accounting and business software at Blank Space in Toowoomba on Friday 2 March.

Attendees were invited to sit in on a number of key software presentations from 10am, with the Toowoomba based company’s event delivering an opportunity for local business people to trial and experience a number of software solutions.

At the Innovation Station, attendees trialed the software and discussed potential subscription options for their businesses. “There are some exciting advances being made in the cloud software space and we always strive to be across these.

“We thought it would be beneficial for a number of business owners to experience these first hand by inviting a selection of the providers here to Toowoomba,” GTH Group partner Simon Cook said.

“From primary production, to retail, HR or consultancy services the software providers attending have access to over 100 revolutionary programs to increase business productivity ten-fold” GTH Group partner Mat McColley said.

GTH partnered with XERO, Figured, Spotlight Reporting, Neto and Deputy for the event. Attendees heard from each of the software developers about their solutions.

“We are thrilled to be making our way to Toowoomba with a number of our ecosystem software providers to highlight the features of our respective softwares,” Hayley Brass of Xero said.

“Once we understand our clients business goals we can discuss the most suited software options for them as well as demonstrate the software one on one at our ‘Innovation Station’. Inventory management, POS systems, HR processes, debt collection – there really aren’t any business functions that aren’t automated in the software space” GTH Group partner Matt Eulenstein said.

Attendees walked away with a comprehensive understanding of the cloud based solutions most suited to their business objectives.

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