In a celebration of International Nurses Day, the Toowoomba And Surat Basin Enterprise (TSBE) has recognised the regions longest serving nurses. A morning tea was held in honor of Barb Bishop, Claire Hill and Wendy Kelly who between them have treated an estimated 70,000 patients. A combined century of service is an achievement that these nurses can be immensely proud of.

Nurses across the country play a vitally important role in patient care. Each and every nurse has a different story to tell of their life. “I started my training and have been here at Baillie most of my working life bar a short stint at the acute mental health unit at Toowoomba Hospital and completing the Care of the Aged Course at PA Hospital in Brisbane,” Ms Bishop said. “It’s a great job, a great place and great people. I just love working in mental health. I have always been proud to say I work at Baillie.”

Claire Hill’s career stemmed from passion. “As a child I lived on a farm and my animals were my world,” Ms Hill said. “I cared for their welfare and Mum said I should be a vet, but I couldn’t communicate with them to let them know I was going to give them an injection. I became a nurse where I could speak to my patients.”

TSBE Health General Manager Jaden Frame organised the morning tea with enthusiasm, enamored with the inspiring and hard working nurses. “Queensland is home to more than 70,000 registered and enrolled nurses and International Nurses Day is a wonderful opportunity to pause and acknowledge the amazing work of our nurses and wider medical staff who provide world-class care for our community,” Mr Frame said.

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