- Highlife Magazine - Isabella Grant

Isabella Grant, a budding artist and grade 11 student at Fairholme College has landed the opportunity to show off her skills at the New York University’s (NYU) Steinhart Summer Intensive Art Program. Isabella has been interested in art ever since she can remember. “I’ve been sketching and painting for practically my entire life, but my main artworks, with oil paints have been done over the last 4 or so years.” she said.

For Isabella art has always been cherished and loved in her family. After a few trips around Europe sightseeing famous artworks, her passion grew. “I’ve always loved art, the concept of creating something beautiful out of my surroundings, however plain they may have seemed to other people, always led me to my own personal sanctuary.” she said. - Highlife Magazine - Isabella Grant

She first heard about the Steinhart Summer Intensive Program from her Italian art teacher and her friends’ NYU experiences. Isabella was intrigued and looked into submitting application. “I returned to my apartment I did a little bit of research and saw the program. It was absolutely perfect, so I started to apply to see what was required, at this stage the program had reached its deadline so I was unable to submit my complete application.” she said.

At the beginning of 2016 Isabella received an email from the head of Art at NYU saying that they had seen some of her artwork and was hoping that she would apply to the program this summer. She was excited to hear the news, as were her family and friends. “To be honest I saw it and I thought you know what, even if I don’t get in at least I tried. I absolutely wanted to travel to New York and see what possibilities the university held for my future and art.” she said.

With only 36 openings a year, Isabella is one of five international students, and the only Australian attending the Steinhart Summer Intensive Program. Isabella was chosen from over 1000 applicants. The program allows students to travel across New York to draw inspiration from art museums, art galleries and other city sights. Throughout her journey Isabella have received lots of encouragement from family and friends. “My mother and grandparents have been my brilliant support and obviously the benefactor behind my attendance, they have been encouraging throughout the entire rather long winded process. My friends have also been amazing, all of them were super excited when they found out that I had received entrance (they even threw a surprise going away party), and I don’t think I would have gotten this far without them.” she said. - Highlife Magazine - Isabella Grant

Isabella’s final art piece from the NYU’s Steinhart Summer Intensive Program will be put on display at the NYU Student Art Gallery at the end of her course.

Words by Lucy Cummings
Images by Isabella Grant