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Three school friends give their customers Priority 1 for IT solutions.

Technology allows us to achieve things we did not dream possible just a few years ago. The advancements in computing and digital communication have raised the bar for the average person or small business to speak to the world, but it is not always as easy as it seems. Glitches, viruses, software updates, hardware issues and cyber safety are just some of the issues associated with the internet and modern communication. Fortunately for those who are not experts in the field, there are friendly guides who can assist us.

Priority 1 IT is one such group of experts, specialising in “cost effective information technology solutions with a highly personal touch”. Founded almost two years ago in Toowoomba, the company strives to provide exceptional service to businesses in the Darling Downs district. Managing director and senior technology specialist Jamie Patch explains that the business was started “to fill a gap we noticed in the industry”, specifically that tech firms in the region did not seem to value customer satisfaction. Jamie teamed up with Andrew McIntosh and Shane Wicks to form Priority 1 IT ¬ their philosophy to focus purely on customer contentment.

The partners met at Kingaroy State High School, where they all grew up. They formed Priority 1 IT after working at other small IT firms directly after finishing school, where they grew their knowledge to professional levels. Toowoomba is now home for Jamie, Andrew and Shane, and Priority 1 IT is remotely based so that they can best offer their clients mobile support. Each of the technicians has two mobile phones (iPhone and Android) which they answer 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year ¬ even Christmas Day. Priority 1 IT works with a range of clients, from home repairs to enterprise support contracts for multi-national corporations based nationally. Their services extend to the World Wide Web, where they advise on website development and cloud infrastructure.

According to Jamie, there is a trend developing in the data analysis field, where they can help with collating clients’ information from databases into comprehensive reports. Unlike traditional IT ad-hoc service work, Priority 1 IT say they do not charge for how long it takes to fix a problem, but rather how much it should cost. According to Jamie, the major issues people call about are regarding networks like printers, wireless internet infrastructure, email systems and software support. Most of their clients sign up to an ongoing arrangement, providing standard rates for service on demand. Some clients require support at all times, like the emergency centre at St Vincent’s Private Hospital Toowoomba. Another client is Breathe Health Club (pictured), who Priority 1 IT have been working with for more than a year. These customers are in focus for the team – Jamie says, “We’ll make a loss if it makes the customer happy!”

Priority 1 IT was the winner of the Highlife Downs Living Magazine Application Incentive Prize at the recent 2014 Heritage Bank Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards.

Words by Chris Hassall | Images by The Health Advantage and Owen Studios