I was sure I knew how to make perfect scrambled eggs before I started Jamie’s Ministry of Food course a few weeks ago. I was wrong.

Located in Queens Park, Jamie’s Ministry of Food van has been running classes pretty much every day since late September.

The five week course focuses on fresh ingredients, foods that are in season and creating simple but tasty dishes.

The first week was spent cooking eggs, which on the face of it seems pretty simple. I never knew how to cook a poached egg without it turning into a saucepan full of mess or without some kind of contraption that would take ages to clean.

So, as you could imagine, after learning it is so simple, I have re-created this deliciousness at every opportunity I can – with muffins, with salmon and even with some olive and fig jam I picked up at the Bush Christmas markets last weekend. Before I would have only had poached eggs if we were going to a café for breakfast!

But the scrambled eggs have been the highlight, with nothing added at all (no milk or cheese) with the trick being to cook them over a low heat, continuously stirring for just long enough for them to stay soft and creamy.

With some nutritious tips and tricks along the way, I have been amazed at how simple and so delicious some of the recipes have been.

Till next time…

Carrie xx


Images via ToowoombaRC.qld.gov.au