Filled with wit and wisdom, Jane Austen’s Tips for Success by Colleen Sattler will advise, inform, and charm you. The book is composed of inspiring quotes that have been taken straight from Austen’s successful novels.

Set in the drawing rooms of Regency England, it embodies universal and timeless themes of happiness, friendship, marriage, love and money.

Inspired by Austen’s characters, including Elizabeth Bennett, Elinor Dashwood, Anne Elliot, and Emma Woodhouse, the

book focuses on finding true love, living a comfortable life, and, most importantly, attaining personal happiness.

Accompanied by black and white images through this collection, Austen’s wit, charm, and keen life observations are captured beautifully.

With Austen’s concise language and reassuring voice, this book shows how her 19th century insights continue to enthrall us to this day.

For everyone wanting to live a successful and fulfilled life, Jane Austen’s Tips for Success proves that just because other advice manuals might be more modern, they aren’t necessarily better. If you’re after inspiration, pick up this delight and be enriched by Jane Austen and all her literary brilliance.

Published by New Holland Publishers Australia RRP for only $19.99 at all good bookstores or online.

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