Country music artist Jess Holland has recorded her third long-play album, titled Miss Demeanour. It is an album cemented in country, but skirting elements of blues, rock, bluegrass, soul and rockabilly.

Jess debuted her first album, Introducing… Jess Holland, in 2011, followed by her sophomore release Whole Lot To Say in 2014. The songwriting style which attracted attention with Jess’ previous releases is still present, but has evolved.

“I think as you mature and learn – both in life and in music – your writing style has no option but to follow,” says Jess.

“Because it has been almost four years since my last album, I have had four years of writing experience.”

One of the things that has always held true with Jess Holland’s music is its strong roots in the country genre.

After all, it is in her blood – her grandfather was a founding member of well-known bush band The Stringybark Band, so her appreciation of the genre started young.

Living and working on the land also certainly helps hold true to this honest music style.

“Just before I started writing the album, I went through a sea change,” says Jess. “I moved home and got back to my roots.”

“It ended up being the perfect source of writing ideas, the move almost instantly sparked that bug for the new album.”

Writing and recording the album was a working juggle and Miss Demeanour took several months to finish.

Jess has been busy helping out her family, continuing her touring work and finding the quiet solace to write.

“I also help my dad out on his farm, but it all fitted in quite well,” says Jess.

“I found that because I was in writing mode, I would often take a pen and paper everywhere I went, or use my phone to jot down ideas. Often, I would write a large part of a song in the paddock or on the road.”

To coincide with the album’s release, Jess is also releasing the next single from the album, titled Australian Dreamer.

“It’s not only about my background and how I was raised, but about the hard-working Australian culture,” she says.

“If people haven’t heard my music before, I want this album to prick their ears. It’s my heart and soul served straight up and regardless of its genre, I would hope to bridge some gap of people’s expectations – of what they think these genres should sound like.

“I believe it is important to stay true to yourself and that’s exactly what I did.”

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