Jessica Lambert, a former Highlife Downs Living magazine fashion photographer, has stepped to the other side of the camera launching her own jewellery collection, entitled LAMBERT.

Jessica’s range, was first showcased to the public at the Curio Market in the Teneriffe Festival in Brisbane this year. Born in Toowoomba, Jessica has always been a creative soul. With a calming and welcoming charm about her, her home is filled with artwork and antique furniture. With the exception of her couch, each item is vintage and personally picked. “I think I enjoy the searching and hunting for something amazing,” says Jessica as she prepares freshly squeezed juice by hand.

After working as the fashion photographer for Highlife Downs Living magazine for four years, styling a double-page spread for Marie Claire and receiving a government grant to put on her own collaborative photography exhibition, it was Jessica’s love of unusual jewellery that inspired her to create her own label. “I would see something and love it, but could but couldn’t justify the hefty price tag. So I would come home and make it – or my version of it,” says Jessica. Her brand is a hybrid of tribal, urban, sculptural and a luxurious aesthetic that incorporates elements of traditional costume jewellery from bygone years such as crystal and pearl.

Jessica is well educated in the history of her industry and spirals into a discussion about some of the most prominent designers in the past century. “Coco Chanel was one of the first designers to do costume jewellery and she worked with pearls,” muses Jessica. She says that costume jewellery is not about trying to look like diamonds and rubies. It is about designing pieces where you can play with scale and quantities without the price tag and restrictions of fine jewellery. Most of Jessica’s own pieces are made from brass, pearls and Swarovski crystals. “I do gold plate some of my brass pieces but some I leave raw, because when brass is untreated it eventually tarnishes and has a beautiful aged look,” says Jessica.

Jessica believes her family’s history in the creative world has played a massive role in shaping her into who she is today. “When I say creative I mean creative thinking … very out-of-the-box,” laughs Jessica. Jessica explains her family never pushed her into more traditional careers like psychology or accountancy, but were always supportive of any path she chose. “In the past both Mum and Dad have assisted on shoots, and have even run back clothes to stores after production,” prides Jessica.

In the future, Jessica wants to focus on growing her jewellery label into a global brand. When people think of LAMBERT, she wants them to think of creativity and out-of-the-box marketing. “I think there is so much beautiful fashion around but a lot of the brands are so serious, and a lot of it’s quite dark at the moment too. I just want to see something fun, bright and interesting,” says Jessica.


Words by Kayla Millhouse | Images by AJ Jones