Hi, I’m Kobi, I’m a local Toowoomba student, currently completing Year 12. Whilst being a social photographer for the magazine for the last 12 months, I’ll now bring you an arts blog, reporting and focussing on the creative side of Toowoomba by recognising individual arts movements and events that are occurring.


This fortnight’s blog is dedicated solely to the works of Maryika Welter exhibited at Feather and Lawry, as well as the Nikon-Walkey and Inside//Out, being exhibited at theGrid Hybrid Arts Studio. These exhibition spaces are a few of the many in Toowoomba which provide a basis for all artists and art types to be recognised and displayed for public viewing.

Maryika Walter’s exhibition included her latest pieces of work, where she states in the following artist statement that it is based around the reactions and expressions that people can experience throughout their lives. “It is my last commitment to having an artist residency as I was at Clifford and Gordon last year, and this one is a continuation similar to the one I had at the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, called Imprint, about one’s cellular memory and relationships. Fusing Point, is the physical manifestation shown on people’s faces, from an experience. It is a new series and style done in Acrylic Paint,” Maryika says.


The Nikon-Walkely Press Photography exhibition is a nationally recognised exhibition focussing on the works of many press journalists. This exhibition featuring all styles of photography is open for display in theGRID’s MARS gallery, where the works of many internationally talented press photographers have exposed the different lifestyle experiences and challenges faced by many.

Alongside the Nikon-Walkey Exhibition, One wall exhibited the collaboration, Inside//Out, of local artists, Veronique Sirianni and Jodie Watt. This collaboration provides an intimate inside into Veronique’s world of family and friends, while Jodie’s Out, provides a view of her inspiration and seeing and capturing things and moments that are often missed and overlooked. The two exhibitions at theGRID are up for public viewing until 4 August.

Kobi Cooper