Registrations have opened for Warwick Art Gallery‘s 2019 Jumpers and Jazz in July tree jumper exhibition. The theme for this year’s competition is Connect.

Warwick Art Gallery Director Karina Devine said she spent a couple of months consulting and experimenting with theme ideas until deciding on Connect. “I selected this word initially by thinking about the process of creating with yarn and how the process of connecting the yarn makes it take shape and become strong,” said Devine. “But it also applies more generally to how much the festival in general connects individuals, locals and visitors in a great big cosy hug — celebrating our region and enjoying our winter weather. Once you get thinking about the word connect there are so many ways to go with it – I’m keen to see the creations this year.”

2019 marks the sixteenth year that the Warwick Art Gallery has helped to transform CBD trees into a yarn art gallery, and also has a contestant crossing the sea. “This year is going to be very special as our entrant from England, and her husband, are travelling to Warwick to install their tree jumpers themselves for the first time,” said Devine. “Myra Scott, from Lincolnshire, has been entering since 2006 by posting her entry. We are so looking forward to welcoming her and her husband to Warwick for a week during the festival”

The festival has bought local individuals, groups and businesses together for many years. Organisers hope to encourage even more community involvement with this year’s theme. The winners will be announced at Jazz at the Gallery on the first Saturday of Jumpers and Jazz in July, 20 July, with Warwick Art Gallery’s personal contribution of $2000 as prize money.

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