Rugby Union is a game of speed, strength and stamina, and the Dalby Wheatmen have been displaying their prowess since 1964.

With more than 300 registered junior, teenage and senior players from Under 6s through to Open A Grade all competing in the Darling Downs Competition, breeding success and passion in rugby is what the Dalby Wheatmen Rugby Club strives for. The club aims for continual improvement both on and off the field. Committed to growing the unity between the club and the community, attracting members and players from across the Downs is one of the main reasons the Dalby and District Club has been named the 2012 Darling Downs Junior Rugby Club of the Year.

This season, the Under 10 team has achieved great success winning 19 out of 20 games, the standout performance of the Junior Club. Coach Chris Coman describes the season as “amazing”. He believes that sport plays a huge role in the development of young children. “The social benefits of belonging to a team are greater than any health benefits,” he says. This is what he believes has made the team so successful.

“Every player feels a sense of belonging, no matter their ability.”

Co-coach Brett Crothers agrees with Chris’s perspective that the idea of winning for the team is not just about the score board.

“It’s starting to show that teamwork and making everyone part of the game is now a priority within the team.” The coaches agree that the boys are the real reason why the team has excelled this year. “As a team, they have developed a very competitive nature and are strong across the field, each player knowing the job they are expected to do.” Chris and Brett agree that the boys bring motivation and energy to each training session. Their season’s performance was rewarded with a half-time feature game at the Queensland Reds vs Sharks Super XV Semi-Final at Suncorp Stadium in front of 32,000 excited fans. Such an opportunity experienced by the boys encouraged their dreams for a future in professional rugby.

Irrespective of age group or team, the comradeship between the lads is reinforced by the participation and leadership of family members, the dads that coach and manage teams, and mums and partners organising social events alongside the dedicated supporters attending games throughout the season. The presence of rural community participation is one valued by each member of the club. Without the generous support of all involved, the club believes it would be unable to uphold its esteemed reputation.

With such mateship evident between the players, this Under 10 team will undoubtedly go on to conquer many feats in the future.

Words by Laura MacDougall | Images by Scott MacDougall