Coming in November with great buzz, is Kaisercraft, opening their newest set of doors at Grand Central, Toowoomba. Based in Geelong, Australia, Kaisercraft is a family owned business and is rapidly growing in the retail presence in the country. Now with over 35 Kaisercraft stores spread througghout Australia, and their rapidly gowing online presence, their team are to ensuring  anyone interested in craft can easily access Kaisercraft, and share the love of their brand and its products.

Before moving, Kaisercraft had a six year stint in Toowoomba which lasted until the end of July last year. The returning to Toowoomba has been very much long awaited by the Kaisercraft team, and hope the community of Toowoomba are excited as they are in their return.

Kaisercraft has been making fashion- forward paper goods from the early 2000’s and has offered a forever rotating range of fashion stationary, gifts, home wares and arts and craft supplies to the creative retail store market.

Kaisercraft is a retail store that sells ever changing products mixed to suit the needs of their customers, from candles, soaps, stylish accessories, greeting cards, gifts, home wares, scrap booking and card making products to say the least. It’s a store that makes your childish fantasies come true, and gets your creative artistic inner self out. Over recent years, their product has been ranging and diversifying beyond just the arts and craft supplies.

The Kaisercraft is returning with open arms, and the team members are excited to return back to Toowoomba.

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