Year 6 student Josh Valler is kicking goals as captain of Dalby State School’s Rugby League team. The school’s Rugby League Program of Excellence offers one day a week of training to inspire and train students who hope to follow in the footsteps of past champion footballers from Dalby State School including Andrew McCullough, Ashley Taylor, Steve Price, Carl Webb and Beau Fermor.

Through the program, Josh and his fellow peers have developed their skills in catching, passing, playing the ball and tackling, while learning about many other aspects of the game. Josh has learned that rugby league is about more than being a gifted player, but about displaying self discipline, self motivation, willingness to be part of a team and a passion for the sport.

Josh has attended Dalby State School for the duration of his primary school years. He leads by example and demonstrates leadership qualities while assisting his team mates in all aspects of the game. Josh captained the Development Cup team and will captain the school’s Touch Football team for the SWQ All Schools Touch and the Qld All School Touch Football.

Dalby Diehards, Dalby Devils, Brisbane Broncos and the NRL endorse the school’s program and its support includes coaching clinics with senior club players, development officers and club coaches. The program engages Josh and his peers by improving engagement of participants in all areas of their schooling, developing socially responsible students who value and strive to achieve in education and sport.