Adrian Irwin is the Senior Dayboy Prefect and House Captain at Toowoomba Grammar School. He has been a student at the school for eight years having commenced in the Junior School in Year 3. Adrian was formerly from Zambia and his family still owns farming property there. His parents have taught him to above all always be kind and empathetic, referring to life working on the farm, and how treating their workers with respect earns esteem and good work ethic in return. Adrian has continued with this philosophy throughout his schooling life and says he gets immense satisfaction from helping people.

Having experienced his early school years in Zambia, Adrian now has a deep appreciation of all that Toowoomba Grammar School has to offer. He feels extremely lucky to be raised in Australia, and attend a school such as TGS. Adrian explains that the school he came from before TGS was deeply divided and lacked any kind of school spirit, pride, sport or extra-curricular activities. This year, Adrian is collecting surplus books, second-hand sports football boots, running shoes and computers from his fellow TGS students to be donated to students in need at two schools in Zambia. He is also heavily involved in promoting community service projects to assist the disadvantaged in Australian society.

Outside of his academic commitments, Adrian has a keen interest in sport and enjoys playing football (soccer), cricket and rugby union for the school in the GPS program. He hopes to study engineering or megatronics at The University of New South Wales next year.

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