Kiron Barui, is an amazing local talent in Toowoomba. As the founder and designer of Wearing Memories she creates unique silver jewellery that holds the ‘Plaque de muselet’ (the cap) of a bottle of champagne. The idea behind this special design is to capture moments forever. “To open a bottle of champagne is sharing a special moment whilst creating a cherished memory,” says Kiron.


The spark of her business idea is very personal. In 2011, Queensland experienced the worst floods since 1974, where her hometown of Toowoomba was hit by a severe flash flood. Many lives were lost, homes and land devastated. When Kiron returned from her Summer holiday with her family she had been shocked by the devastation. The event had been eye opening to many people in her local community, so Kiron and her friends decided to spend more time together. “We all realised that life is too short, and that we should honour the moments we spend together. We started to catch up more at our homes, pop open a bottle of champagne and enjoy each others company,” said Kiron.


From then on Kiron became a champagne lover and expert, and she started to collect the caps and personalise these by writing the occasion and date on the reverse side. On one of the social gatherings Kiron came up with the idea to design jewellery with the caps she had been collecting. Kiron decided to give the caps a deeper meaning – to keep people’s memories enclosed and create meaningful artistic pieces that people could wear in daily life, as well as to special occasions.

She is a real inspiration to the local community, as it is not always easy to juggle being a full-time business woman and mother at the same time. Yet her passion drives her, as she loves to create meaningful jewellery for people. Kiron says if she could assign a sound to happiness, it definitely would be the sound of opening a champagne bottle.

Words by Jessica Schremmer | Images by Kiron Barui